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Learn "What is a Bitcoin?" and How to Make Money with Bitcoin.

Attention Internet Marketers!

If you are not accepting Bitcoins, you are losing money!

Bitcoin is in the news lately and many people are rushing to understand what exactly all the hype is about. Get this complete beginner's guide to one of the most important invention of the century.

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What you will learn


What is a Bitcoin?

What is a decentralized currency application and distributed ledger system?


Who is Excited?

Some of the most experienced and forward-thinking financial gurus see this developement as the beginning of a financial revolution.


Why Get Excited?

The timing is perfect for those visionaries who can seize the moment and take advantage of this opportunity.

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How to Get Started

I will take you step by step with illustrations on how to setup a Bitcoin wallet and show you how to get your first Bitcoins


How to Earn Bitcoin?

Accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services is just the beginning, there are many more passive and active ways of earning Bitcoins.

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How to Accept Bitcoin

We'll show you step by step how to get your own "Buy Now" button and start accepting Bitcoins as payment for goods and services.

About the author

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Joel Frenette

Computer geek since the eighties. Fell in love with computers when my dad brought home my Atari 130XE back in 1987. Been self-employed IT field technician for the big 5 banks in Canada, and IT project manager on many retail banking and point of sale conversion, migration and upgrades projects over the past decade. I discovered Bitcoin when they were 12$ a coin in October of 2012, it's been a very interesting ride since then.

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I learned a lot and it was fun!


I learned a lot and it was fun!


I learned a lot and it was fun!


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