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Everyone is talking about Bitcoin, but do you know what it is? Why should you care? What is a Bitcoin? Why do you want one? Is it Legal? Is it a bubble? Is it safe? How do you get some? What is the fastest way to get Bitcoin? What is the cheapest way? 

What is a Bitcoin?

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin lately, but do you even understand what it is?

If you are having a hard time understanding what all the buzz and fuss over Bitcoin is all about, then this Free eBook is for you!

You will learn what Bitcoin is all about, in basic, common terms.
You will learn why you should get excited, and who else is getting excited about Bitcoin.

I answer many of the common questions that most people just like you are asking themselves. I explain in simple, easy to understand language, what are the pros and cons, the risks, why you want them, and how to get them in easy to follow steps.